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Gunship Script MFD V0.37 2018-12-23


Now you can have a little air gunning strafing, barrage and turret target practice.
Some ready to run DG and Shuttle PB scenarios are provided.
You should have the Bombsight MFD to have the  fictional target range base near Edwards and some other material.
Get it at:
http: //
It's strongly suggested that you use the Makeshift Targets that are specially developed for these addons.
Get it at:
http s://
IMPOR TANT :  it's up to the user  to provide suitable attachment points in the vessels and attach unpacked loads to the vessels. Some orientation is provided in the documentation.
Be sure to read all the instructions in the documentation file. This is a script MFD and some special procedures apply.
v0.30 Revised for issues with multiple meshes and animation in D3D9 Graphics Client soIF YOU USE D3D9 GRAPHICS CLIENT CHECK FOR SPECIAL CONFIGURATION INSTRUCTIONS; New meshes for existing guns; New turrets; Static weapons are animated when firing in standing alone on cart mode; Doubled the ammo for each burst; Each gun may have its own  muzzle velocity now.
v0.33 Added BombsightMFD view location coord files for the turrets to avoid bad offsets and crashes when using Gunship and Bombsight MFD together; Added a new turret to prepare for the incoming Ticonderoga destroyer; Improved flashes when firing which alternates for the twin turrets; Included and improved OrbiterSound  config and wave files; general debugging; Added a Shuttle PB attack scenario
v 0.34 A very important correction in victimization routine; Some files that do not belong to the package were incorrectly included in last package ( and taken away from this one) , so if you find <orbiter root>\config\vessels\LW_TopTurret_U.cfg0;;or <orbiter root>\Sound\_CustomVesselsSounds\Mk54\Cópia de Mk54_Fire_ORG.wav please delete them.
v0.35 A more perfect implementation for the victimization correction made in last version.
v0.36 Restored non mesh deleting when hit for flying ("dogfight") targets.
v0.37 Solved a remaining issue related to ground targets. Both air and ground targets should react fine to hitting now.