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Carrier Operations Script Vessel V0.34 2017-08-30


Practice landings and takeoffs in this moving aircraft carrier. 
1. This package uses the aircraft carrier mesh from kev shanow's USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier addon, therefore you must download it at 
http: //
and install it before installing this addon.
2. It's up to the user to create proper attachments for the airplanes or helicopters. Some instructions and examples on how to create proper attachments are given in the package. Some ready to run DG and Shuttle PB scenarios are included for testing and demonstration purposes.
V0.101 Corrects Kev's Hornet addon references to the right V.2 mesh. Restricts closest aproximation display to over the deck situations.
V0.11 Changed all scenarios for new ones baked in Orbiter 2010 in order to achieve some backward compatibility. Changed also the names so updaters should delete old scenario files. Included scenario editor bmp image. Added a XR2 Ravenstar .cfg hook attachment suggestion (tks Wolf for the idea).
V0.2 Changed landing glide angle pitch to -3dg; Carrier can now be controlled when in focus by issuing orders (check the valid orders in the docs); improved animation and smoke and made them speed  dependant; Added a Gibraltar crossing scenario. 
V0.3 Up to four vessels can now be held at the carrier in a scenario; Scenarios and Scripts changed to test and illustrate this feature so, updaters should delete old files in .\Script\CarrierOps and .\Scenarios\Carrier Operations; Commands '...on deck' , ' hangar' and 'show flight group status' were added; A deck traffic management was created; Catapult speed should now be set by the 'set catapult for ...m/s' command; Command line interpreter system was debugged and should be more reliable now.
V0.34 Corrected coordinates base changing routine ; Included a simple 'r' carrier command to allow easy repetition of last command.
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