Why contribute a donation to Orbiter-Forum & Orbit Hangar Mods?

Orbiter-Forum and Orbit Hangar Mods are non-commercial sites that were made exclusively in our free time. Many occupied days, weeks, and months were and are invested in both sites. Development, design, infrastructure, and keeping the community fully supported and going keeps us busy continuously. We see our work as a hobby and a contribution to this great community!
  • Orbiter-Forum offers the ability for users to share their experiences, and for teams to collaborate and communicate online which is an integral part of the ORBITER experience.
  • Orbit Hangar Mods offers the ability for addon developers to upload and share their work with the community. Users can also rate addons and post comments.
We don't ask money for our work and therefore Orbiter-Forum and Orbit Hangar Mods are both free to join, however we do have monthly costs for our infrastructure which we have to pay. We therefore ask in humbleness if you are in the position to support us by contributing a donation of any amount, we always greatly appreciate it. It is not necessary to donate and we fully understand not everyone is in a position to do so, but if you love the community and wish to support us we can always use it.

* Each December any donation balance in the Orbiter-Forum PayPal account beyond one month's expenses is donated to a charity voted on by the forum membership.

Orbit Hangar Mods & Orbiter-Forum Monthly Costs:

   $40 Per Month - Cloud Hosting & Server Administration fees
+ $20 Per Month - Cushion for shortfalls, etc.
= $60 Monthly Donation Goal


Should you have any questions or need support concerning donations, please feel free to send us an email here or send a PM to any administrator.

Thank you kindly on behalf of Orbiter-Forum and Orbit Hangar Mods!