D4. Orbiter MSI installation guide

Orbiter MSI installation guide.

  • Download the Orbiter installer package (orbiter100606.msi)
  • Either choose to Run the file if prompted, or Save it to a file and run it by double-clicking the file name in the Explorer window.
  • The installer will guide you through the Orbiter installation process with a sequence of dialogs. You can choose a typical, full or custom installation. The custom method allows you to pick an installation location and to select individual installation components.
  • The installer will also place an Orbiter shortcut on your desktop, and create an entry in the Windows Start menu.
  • First-time verification. Double-click the Orbiter 2010 icon to launch Orbiter. The first time you run Orbiter after installation, the program performs an installation verification check to test for common installation problems.

Uninstalling Orbiter.

  • To remove the Orbiter installation, select "Uninstall Orbiter 2010" from the "Orbiter 2010" start menu, or use the "Add or remove Windows programs" option in the Windows Control panel, and select "Orbiter 2010" from the list of installed programs.
  • Note that the Uninstaller only deletes the original Orbiter components. Any addon files will remain and should be deleted manually.