D3. Orbiter ZIP installation guide

Orbiter ZIP installation guide.

  • Download the Orbiter relase distribution package (orbiter100606.zip)
  • Create a new folder for your Orbiter installation, for example in My Documents\Orbiter2010.
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file into the new directory, either with the Windows compressed folder extraction utility, or with free tools like WinZip or 7-Zip.
  • Important: Make sure that the folder structure of the ZIP file is preserved when extracting.
  • First-time verification. Double-click orbiter.exe to launch Orbiter. The first time you run Orbiter after installation, the program performs an installation verification check to test for common installation problems.
  • Run-time libraries: Orbiter requires a few standard runtime libraries to work. The installation verification tool checks for the presence of these libraries. If they are not found, the verification tool will offer to install them for you.

Uninstalling Orbiter.

  • To remove the Orbiter installation, simply delete the Orbiter folder with all its contents and sub-folders.
  • The Orbiter ZIP installation does not modify the Windows registry or system resources.