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    General Question Atmospheric thrust topics

    can you not just implement a controller algorithm such as PID control? PID controller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that way you could adjust based on the altered acceleration without having to pay any attention to the exact mathematics of how it's altered. It also means you don't need to...
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    Hardware USB to VGA - 3 monitor extended?

    i don't think this would work too well for a simulation such as orbiter. its over a USB connection so the data must be quite heavily compressed and the refresh rate will be terrible if lots of things are moving about. now a panel or mfd? that might work quite well.
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    News Energomash Develops Revolutionary Ammonia/Acetylene Rocket Engine

    This is false, you can get liquid acetylene at temperatures around its triple point.(-80.8*Celsius and 1.27 atm) without much difficulty. the only problems come when it gets warm enough for ts vapour pressure to start exceeding 2 atm (you have some extra safety at the colder temperatures but...
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    TransX Question about course correction dv after flying by Jupiter

    there could be a couple of reasons, the happy reason: your entry was more accurate so needed less correction the realistic reason: the lower speeds and greater distances to the next point of interest means you don't need to change your velocity much to have a large impact on arrival as you...
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    Comet Lovejoy Travels Through the Sun

    ablation heat shielding IS remarkable effective. I'm more surprised that it survived the drag from the tenuous atmosphere of the sun at that altitude.
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    how would you describe e186

    quick question, but how do you know exactly to zoom in on to get interesting effects. it seems to me that the probability of hitting a blank area would rise to 1 upon increasing zoom factors unless you used an adapting target where it looks for edges near where it is currently targetting and...
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    Rotation slowdown

    I suppose you have gravity gradient torque turned on? if you do then that's why. It's tidal locking which really does happen in reality. The moon is tidally locked for instance. although it took a lot longer than it would take for a delta glider or space shuttle.
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    Jupiter is at Opposition.

    I would but it is overcast.
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    Space Laser and warfare

    you can use the mirrors before the focusing assembly. at this stage it is possible to have the beam diffuse enough to not destroy your aiming mirrors. besides, in the production of the laser pulse mirrors are used. then all you need to do is, aim, collimate and focus. you could also go the...
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    Gaming Detonate!

    I find that not moving the camera for a few seconds after hitting R increases the chances of having zero damage. I'm not sure why it helps but it does.
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    Gaming The Kerbal Space Program - Version 1.2.x

    just had an interesting one, i bumped up the srb power to see how high i could get before the program crashed, errored or just froze. so i had a triple connector right at the start and about 5 stages of SRB's i got to about 5km and to my surprise the 'legs' (each column of srbs) seperated...
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    [Old news] Planet Simulator

    hmm, all i had to do was ./ ./most.x ran fine. on arch linux x64 if it matters which it shouldn't. perhaps you guys didn't install the dependancies outlined in the README and FAQ files?
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    Question 3D Orbiter support?

    i'll start paying attention when we have holodecks. THATS 3-D
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    Is π wrong?

    pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter, simple measurements show that it is infact correct. doubling pi is usually to do with us taking the radius. as the base unit instead of the diameter. both routes are mathematically equivalent and it reallly just comes down to convention.
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    Request Realtime terrain generator

    you could do procedural generation to get rid of bandwidth/format/legality issues however accuracy would not be guaranteed(however, you can have it arbitrarily detailed depending on processor power)