News bulletin - APIC to collaborate with AIA on Wideawake space base


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Sep 11, 2008
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18th July, 2009
The Aerospace Payloads International Corporation has recently made public the announcement of joint work with the Ascension Island Aerospace company, including development of the extensive space station Toehold and the Wideawake Int. space launch complex at Ascension Island, located West of Africa.

"We use Ascension Island to protect the good purposes and reputation of both manned and unmanned spaceflight," quoted Jupiter, Chief Designer of Aerospace Payloads International, "And later, when we have applied the best facilities that can be applied to the island, we will have another significant asset in our exploration and exploitation of space."

The Ascension Island space complex currently serves as a contingency landing site for manned spaceplanes operated by APIC, including the DSA DeltaGlider-IV, of which APIC has ordered and received 13 for several scientific, commercial and exploration projects, and five Boeing Space Transportation System orbiters, regularly launched to deliver heavy payloads to Earth orbit.
Now, the organization is researching the possibility of outfitting the island for both manned and unmanned space launches and not just landings.

Meanwhile, at the time this bulletin was issued, studies of space system and modules for the upcoming Toehold space station project were underway, despite the announcement by AIA, yesterday, that the project would be paused until a decision to proceed with the project is given.

"We are helping AIA with this, because we feel that a space station is necessary. In fact, it is the significance of this station that renders it necessary. With a space station in orbit, we can obtain the best science data of several branches of science, we can calibrate new technologies for flights to the Moon and Mars and we will have a road for giving man the best of life and the planets, because of the systems it will carry to deliver the maximum of life benefits for all mankind."

Some of the studies initiated by APIC investigate techniques for the construction of lunar space stations, how Toehold can enable astronauts to go to Mars at a low cost and early, and the use of Toehold modules to build an expandable lunar base.

For more information, contact APIC at [email protected] or send a private message to Jupiter on Orbiter-Forum (members only)