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Sep 11, 2008
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January 2, 2011
Since its launch on January 1st, 2011, APEXSET plc. has prioritised efforts for manned/unmanned space exploration with the Orbiter spaceflight simulator, which will involve the most advanced technology ever conceived and built in the company's history, as well as in spaceflight altogether.
A choice example is the Toehold space station, one of the largest ever built, which might in the future provide a spacecraft for a Mars manned spaceflight, be leased to commerical users for private scientific research, or even host space tourism as a large source of tourist revenue for Australia's national economy.

However, APEXSET is pursuing both manned/unmanned spaceflight to appeal to most companies seeking a second aerospace company for a joint project; these assignments will source international and engineering acheivement for APEXSET in 2011:

Projects in progress highlighted in tan; completed projects highlighted in yellow.
  • FR-1 (APEXSET - pending)
    NASA/CNES (USA/France) geophysical technology satellite
    Will measure ionization irregularities in the ionosphere and magentosphere, which can benefit the design of communication satellites.
  • Telecom II (APEXSET)
    French domestic communications satellite
    Next-generation satellite to deliver television and telephone to France.
  • Toehold (APEXSET - Ascension Island Aerospace)
    International heavy LEO multi-role space platform
    To provide unparalled scientific space research and accommodation for manned crews, as well as unique commerical prosperity in space for economic potential (e.g. space tourism).
  • Centaur-G (APEXSET - DaveS)
    STS (USA) expendable heavy upper stage
    Will deliver heavy payloads to geosynchronous orbit via the US space transportation system.
  • M-3SII (APEXSET - BrianJ/4throck)
    Japanese unmanned interplanetary space launch vehicle
    Launched the unmanned Suisei/Sakigake spacecraft for Japan to Halley's Comet, 1985.
  • Salyut 6/7, Soyuz 7K-T, Progress (APEXSET - n72.75)
    USSR manned space stations, resupply/transport vehicles
    Launched an ongoing Soviet pre-eminence in manned space experience and scientific advancements.
However, APEXSET is on call as usual to fulfill other aerospace projects, emphasising its quality control and technological stance as a major contribution to such endeavours.

For more information about any of these APEXSET products or to ask for assistance in a joint aerospace project, contact APEXSET at [email protected] or send a private message to Jupiter on Orbiter-Forum (members only)